Travelling in Good Company

by Renee McGoldrick

When it comes to travelling, nobody really wants to do it alone. Sure, you’ll get a taste of what this new, exotic place has to offer, but chances are that you’ll have a harder time enjoying everything to its full potential, as it’s only in groups that we can really let loose and have a good time. So what options do you have when it comes to travelling in good company?

The best company you know


If you want a nice and easy trip that you’ll have plenty of happy memories from, you can’t do better than traveling with friends. You’ve known each other for a while and feel really comfortable around each other, so exploring new places together to make new mutual memories feels like the logical step forward.

Package tours

Friends singing and dancing at the beach

Of course, if your friends are too busy, you can always just try your luck and get thrown into a group of strangers that will feel just as out of place as you. With package tours, you get the same destination and the same trip plan as a number of other individuals. It’s the best way to meet new people and bond over a shared experience. You might feel less free than with just friends, but you’ll definitely encounter someone you likely wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Who knows – you might just end up meeting your new best friend?

Perhaps you’d like a more… personal ‘tour guide’?

Travelling in Good Company

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Man jumping with joy by a lake


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