Travel in Asia – Tips And Things To Know Before Planning The Travel!

by Chris L. Taylor

Asia is one of the most interesting, vibrant, beautiful and multi-cultured places in the world.  There is enough in Asia to keep the visitors excited to know what’s next. Travelers can spend a day at ancient Hindu ruins and night at a beach disco party, attend a Buddhist prayer ceremony in the morning and go for rafting in the afternoon whereas chill out in a bamboo hut later at night, go for a hike through jungles and also find waterfalls and rainforests to admire. There is a lot to do and visit in Asia that the people planning to travel need to keep themselves full of energy to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Following are some quick tips and things to know for an easy journey throughout the Asian continent.

1) The plan as per the weather

– Take note of the weather conditions while traveling beforehand. As per the weather at different destinations, carrying necessary articles and clothes is essential.

2) Try the street food

– This is the home of the world’s tastiest cuisines and that to on a very low rate as compared. Night markets, weekend markets are great for tasting different dishes at low prices.
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3) Budget intelligently

– You can always plan the stay and food as per the budget. You can go for a normal stay and eat normal food but should think about paying a little extra for many kinds of unique activities which can be really enriching the whole trip.

4) Know about the culture from locals

–Try and observe the tribal culture as it is very fascinating. Few groups to name are: The tribal groups of Sa Pa in Vietnam, the Trojan of Sulawesi in Indonesia, are well known for their interesting structural design and ghoulish burial rituals, and there are cultural villages surrounding Hsipaw in Myanmar too to observe.

5) Enjoy all activities available

– There is plenty to keep visitors busy. To name a few: world-class surf at G-land in Indonesia, mountain-bike tour of Vietnam’s far north, discovering mysterious lagoons on a sea-kayak tour of Krabi in Thailand, fly Lantern at Yee Ping and learn scuba diving. Getting a bamboo tattoo is also an experience in itself.

6) Take time and appreciate the ancient temples and monuments

– Asia is full of temples, pagodas, museums, and ancient historical monuments. Take out time and appreciate the culture and architecture.

7) Get high safely

– Not related to drinking though. Every visitor should make an effort and try to climb any of the great mountains. Try getting a magnificent view if before dawn to watch the sunrise from Mount Bromo, Indonesia or try and trek the Kinabalu in Malaysia to name a few.

8) Hit the beach

– Some of the most famous and finest beaches in the world are in Asia. Thailand, Philippines, India, and Malaysia are famous for their beaches. You can find white sand bays, wooden beach shacks, rocky beaches etc. Clear tropical waters offer a chance for non-divers to just enjoy the beauty of sand and sea together.

9) Stay healthy

-There is a vast variety of climate and food available throughout Asia making health an important issue. Take precautions about food and hygiene properly. Take health insurance if possible as advised.

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10) Utilize local Transport

– Local transport is easy and good yet cheap. Overall transport between neighboring countries within Asia is also easy if correct paperwork is completed in advance.

11) A money belt can be useful

– Keep the documents safe and organized. Keep a copy of all documents and keep originals locked safely while traveling. Also watch out for people who try and con the visitors, as they are present in every part of the world. Also, keep your valuables locked and safe everywhere. Almost all hotels and rooms offer lockers that can be hired and keep the valuables safe.

Asia is the home to more than half of the earth’s population and offers apparently a countless number of attractions. It’s a vast continent surrounding grand mountain ranges, deep seas, vast deserts, humid forests, and crowded cities. The trip options are as infinite as the destination itself, and you can take a train across the continuous plains of Siberia, meditate in Tibetan Buddhist enclaves, stroll along the Great Wall of China or dive besides dolphins off the coast of Japan. There is so much which can be planned keeping in mind tips for safe and enjoyable travel.


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