Travel In Asia- Must Visit Places On The Checklist!

by Chris L. Taylor

Asia as well knew is the largest and most populated continent. Asia varies greatly within the regions in cultures as well as climates. It is a continent with something or the other attraction for everyone. There are tons of activities to enjoy along with stunning attractions both natural and cultural. List of a few places which should be in the must-see list would be:

Bali, Indonesia

Reason to Visit: This magical island has silent volcanoes towers wrapped in the green canopy, sandy shores, ancient temples, long beaches, and hidden shrines. Animal lovers can visit the elephant safari park whereas for nightlife love visitors can go to Kuta beach town.

Tanah Lot Temple at sunrise in Bali, Indonesia. Sunrise at Bali's famous Tanah Lot temple, bali, Indonesia.

Hong Kong, China

Reason to Visit: If you are a food lover it is the place. Street food, desserts at bakeries, dim sums etc are a must to taste. Along with satisfying taste buds, one can enjoy most picturesque skyline and super busy harbor with famous ferries. For shopping freaks, this place is a blessing as offers a lot of local as well as exclusive stuff which is difficult to resist.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Reason to Visit: This ancient city is the capital of Vietnam preserving old monuments, architectures along with adaptations to new modern developments side by side. There are many lakes, parks, shady boulevards, and more than 500 temples and pagodas which add to the adventure of this city.

Bangkok, Thailand

Reason to Visit: It is full of absolutely decorated Buddhist temples, which are appreciated for their craftsmanship and details. Also, nightclubs and restaurants are one of the best in the world. Along with looking for enlightenment, visitors can enjoy pleasant meals, dance and great nightlife too.

Kula Lumpur, Malaysia

Reason to Visit: Kuala Lumpur is a very large and modern city with great shopping centers which are strangely cheap too. Visitors can take a look of the ancient city in the 1910 Moorish-inspired Old Railway Station, the riverside Jamek Mosque and the Sultan Abdul Samad building with its tall 131-foot clock tower. The tallest building in the world, the famous Petronas Twin Towers, provides a great view of the multinational city along with numerous shops and art galleries inside for visitors.

Goa, India

Reason to Visit: This western Indian state is not only a place to go for churches and culture, but perfect for serene beaches, fantastic beach towns, and exciting beach clubs. There is Portuguese influence on the culture of Goa. Apart from the long track of beaches to cover, ancient monuments to visit, there are numerous activities too to engage the visitors.

goa beaches south india paradise

Tokyo, Japan

Reason to Visit: If you love motion and progress it is a must to visit Tokyo. The city is certainly worth a stop for all the buzzing. There are world class old museums and historical sites for visitors to have a look and appreciate the old culture. There is a lot to shop, a lot of sushi to eat and lots of photos to be taken. The Imperial Palace should not be missed at all.

Singapore, Singapore

Reason to Visit: It is one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. Visitors will find historic sites like the Thian Hock Keng temple along with great shopping centers like Gargantuan malls and abundant lovely beaches to relax.

SINGAPORE-APRIL 30, 2018: Merlion statue fountain in Merlion Park and Singapore city skyline at sunrise on April 30, 2018. Merlion fountain is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Singapore.

Manila, Philippines

Reason to Visit: Manila is a culture hub famous for museums, malls, Parks, many landmarks like San Agustin Church and Cathedral. The various super lively weekend markets are a must visit to taste street food, noodles, and sweets. Also, handmade art and jewelry are what visitors can look for, apart from appreciating the scenic beauty.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Reason to Visit: Nepal’s capital is a beautiful city full of ancient temples, shrines, golden pagodas, and mesmerizing villages. There are shops that offer handicrafts, carpets, and local stuff. Visitors can visit Durbar Square’s monuments and temples and also join mountain trekkers to see Monkey Temple or go cycling around the city too. There is a lot to explore for a nature lover as there are places with lakes and mountain ranges adding perfect scenery nearby.

The village old town house architecture with the field grassland for faming which is a panorama view of valley mountain on the background of white cloud and blue sky, Paro Bhutan. (Aeria top view)

Hanoi. Vietnam

Reason to Visit: The charming capital of Vietnam has grown from Old Quarter, monuments and colonial architecture to modern developments, preserving the old as well as the new. Lakes, Parks, pagodas, boulevards, and numerous temples add great appeal to the city.

Tapie, Taiwan

Reason to visit: A simple city with delicious and super addictive street food to enjoy. There is a large number of restaurants serving quite cheap but great quality cuisines, especially Taiwanese, Chinese and mixed Indian too.

This list is just an overview of what a diverse culture and attractive locations Asia possess. Visitors can either plan to visit few nearby places together or select places as per important monuments and activities of their choice. Any which ways, the charm of Asia will keep them mesmerizing and wanting to visit Asia again and again.






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