Here Are The Best Places for Adventure Sports in The World

by Chris L. Taylor
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Time to check your bucket list:

If you are a travel junkie and adventure sport is your thing, then this one is dedicated to you. This is the list of all the adrenaline-packed sports activities that you can do at fun locations around the world.

  1. Jumping off the volcano, really?

Imagine, you hardboard down the slopes of an active volcano with no mechanism on the board except for your ankle and knee to steer and brake! Pioneered by an Australian tour guide, this adventure sports has now become a rage among tourists who visit the active volcanoes in Nicaragua. The volcano boarding is done right after one climbs the mountain and then is ready to come down its slope at the neck-breaking speed of ninety kilometers per hour. So, are you game yet?!

  1. Downhill biking:

This one is a little less dangerous but it sure is quite adrenaline packing. Imagine coming down in full suspension bikes on steep downsides of the mountain. The complete suspension in the bikes can give an airlift feeling over obstacles and make you either fly over the stones and the trees or give you a feeling of dropping from great heights.

The best place for this particular sport is the Death Road in Bolivia and the next best place is the whistler bike park which is in Canada.

  1. Do you like deep-sea diving?

Then you will definitely fall in love with cave diving. This particular adventure marine sport involves descending into the waters of the caves. The best part is when you come across stalagmites et al. if this sounds like a fun idea to you, you must head straight to Mexico where the cool turquoise blue waters of the caves and beaches are ready to welcome you!

  1. Heli-skiing!

This one is sure to give you the kick that you always wanted. It is jumping off the helicopter on to terrains that are untouched and either skiing from there or boarding whatever you think you are passionate about!

The sport is banned in Europe apparently because of its danger quotient but it is widely publicized in North America and New Zealand. Head straight there of you thinks this is your kind.

  1. Bungee jumping:

Nothing can give you a bigger kick than falling off a ledge into the deep depths of a cliff and that too suspended only by a cord and a safety harness to start with. This particular sport has been made Hackett brand owner who has a hotel called the Macau Tower which officially holds the title for the highest jump point for bungee jumping.

  1. Extreme ironing feat!

This may sound bizarre to some. Especially for those who have never ironed their own clothes. This feat can take you to the most extreme landscape in the world in terms of terrain and the climate and expect you to immaculately iron your shirt!

  1. Zorbing:

This is most insane of all the extreme sports; it involves rolling down a hill in a transparent plastic ball. You can opt to go alone or with friends! The sport can also be done in rapids and other water bodies. This game had a head-start in the US but is now available in most tourist-friendly countries. You will need to check out on the internet if the country you are visiting this vacation has a Zorbing sport there.

  1. Ice climbing:

Climbing ice formations especially frozen waterfalls with tools such as ice axes and other climbing instruments makes this one of the most dangerous of sports. Colorado in the US is famous for ice climbing and throughout the winter until the beginning of summer.

  1. Sky diving:

Jumping from 10000ft above the ground from a plane? Insane! Yes but nothing gives adrenaline junkies more kick than jumping from a plane without any hanging ropes and gliders. The best sky diving is done in the most picturesque locations in the world. My favorite is the Swiss Alps.

  1. Ziplining:

Have you seen cable cars moving across the plateaus or between the hills? Imagine you being the cable car! Ziplining involves traveling from one station to another holding a line or a cable that is suspended between the two places. The best places to try are Costa Rica in South America and Sun City in South Africa.

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