7 Reasons Not to Take Your Computer On a Vacation

by Chris L. Taylor

We are all guilty of being tempted to take our computer laptops with us during vacations; in fact, most people go with their computers when going on a vacation.

We do this in order to stay in touch with work-related issues, probably for replying emails, getting information, staying in touch with family and friends back at home.

Just because the computer was made portable and movable doesn’t mean it has to be shipped from one place to another.

You’re actually doing more good than harm to the computer.

Apart from the harm the computer is being exposed to, there are several other reasons why you shouldn’t take your computer with you when going on a vacation, especially when you’re travelling out of the country.

And now I’ll be exposing you to these reasons.


Though laptops are made portable and movable, their weight can be downright killing.

Most people opt for backpacks or laptop bags to move them around and the continuous use of these bags can cause more harm to your arms because the weight of the computer is being supported by your arms.

I once had a friend who had cramps on her arm from carrying her computer around so much.

Unfortunately, she dropped the laptop and that was the end of the computer.

I’m sure you don’t want that happening to you now, do you?

You really don’t need the extra weight of your computer when going on a vacation, the heaviness of the computer and your luggage might be too much for you.

Laptop on vacation


You run the risk of being robbed when carrying your computer around.

It might be nothing but a computer laptop you but to some people, it’s a jackpot and the easiest way to make quick money.

Most times when you’re with your laptops, you become very conscious of it, protecting it from any form of harm.

Remember you’re going on a vacation to rest and enjoy and not to be a constant watchdog to your computer.

You don’t need the extra stress of having to constantly keep watch.


Each country has its own power adaptor for every laptop.

You may, therefore, need to do a step-up or a step-down for the voltage transformer.

That also depends on the cable that supplies power to your laptop.


Most times, the laptop needs an internet connection especially when you want to use the internet.

If your laptop is not efficiently fortified to find a local hot spot, giving you access to the wireless internet access then you might have a big problem.

The computer becomes irrelevant to you then.

It might also mean that you have to use your current ISP’s call number in whatever country you’re travelling and that’s if your ISP does have one.

Or you’re stuck with signing up with the country’s local ISP.


Charge the battery for the smartphone on wall. Empty space for text your

Each country has its own telephone socket.

So if you want to connect through dial-up access, it means you’ll need to take a suitable telephone adaptor that will work for your computer.

It is also necessary to get a signal tester in order to test for higher voltage digital telephones otherwise you run the risk of burning the computer’s motherboard.


The travel insurance policy hardly extends to your computers which means you’ll have to arrange a way to ensure your computer.

Believe me, it’s no child’s place because it is usually very expensive.

Most people do not ensure their computers which means any damage done to the computer is at the owners’ detriment.


Taking your laptop along with you during a vacation is no different from going to work Monday through Friday.

Do not forget that you’re going on a vacation to relieve yourself of stress caused by the so-called work.

It, therefore, means you’re meant to be far away as possible from anything work-related.

You can always work from an Internet café which is a better alternative.

Summer beach vacation concept, Asia woman with hat relaxing and arm up on chair beach at Koh Mak, Trad, Thailand


You can only take your computer with you provided that you have a good reason to do so but is advisable to leave it at home and use a café instead.

You never can tell if it’s the computer that actually needs a vacation from you.


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